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Even the best businesses lose money every day due to ineffective customer follow up.

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There has been prevailing perception that only large companies have the means and ability to execute efficient, modern, and sophisticated marketing campaigns. This is no longer accurate. Our focus is on you, the small to medium sized business. We are geared to bring the dedication, expertise, and manpower to every forward thinking small and medium business that is ready to grow by rolling out the latest and most effective sales and customer retention programs available. We are dedicated to delivering real results for our partners.


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Patagon is partnership focused using only
the most effective tools, methods, and strategies

The “Patagon” were a legendary race of people that were thought to be giants when first discovered in the 1520’s by the explorer Magellan. For more than 250 years the legend of the Patagon grew as additional explorers boasted of seeing men twice the height of normal humans off the coast of South America. Today, this region of the Andes Mountains is known as Patagonia or “Land of the big feet.”

Creating a powerful and long lasting impression is an important factor in converting prospects to customers. Businesses that proactively focus on building a strong base of lifelong customers can maximize their revenue per customer. The Patagon Group develops an advanced customer relationship program customized for each partner. In a world where follow-up is now king, Patagon can show your company the path to new found success.

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We love business. When we partner with your company, your goals become our passions. We always endeavor on your behalf to find ways to grow smarter, not harder. Partnering with us gives your business the freedom to do what you do best while allowing us to generate new business and maximize customer retention. Increase customer satisfaction and grow your corporate revenue. Championing your vision involves not only understanding your business, but seeing the heart it took to build it. You inspire us, let us inspire you!– Jim Koch, Chief Strategist and Co-founder

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Jim Koch

Chief Strategist and Co-Founder

You Can’t Steal Second Base and Keep Your Foot on First

– Fredrick B Wilcox

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